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May 2021 Housing Report

“Beware the agent that suggests you sell your home privately,” warns Linda O’Koniewski,” CEO, Leading Edge. “When an agent tells you that your home can be ‘privately marketed’ remember that is an oxymoron. It means it really won’t be marketed. Fully exposing a property to market guarantees that the homeowner will realize the best price and terms. Off-market properties are sold as “good deals” for buyers who can “save money” by avoiding competition. All the leverage is in the hands of the seller in this market. A good agent knows how to capitalize on that market for their seller clients. Homes that are sold quietly may be missing out on tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that sellers always have the option to request that their agent sell their home quietly, without the benefit of MLS, but that if your agent suggests it, they are breaking the MLS rules. It is never in the best interest of the client to sell off-market when they can publicly expose their home to an auction of serious and qualified buyers. You can count on a Leading Edge agent to give you the best strategies to achieve your goals."

April sales of single-family homes in the Leading Edge service area increased +36.9% year-over-year. Inventory decreased -31.9%. The number of days on market over the last 12 months decreased -21.6% while median sale prices remain up +8.3% at $700,000.

The following are location-specific overviews of market changes year-over-year, for a sampling of neighborhoods in the Greater Boston Area. Don't see your town listed? Contact me for a custom report!

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